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We work with you to bring your ideas to life, creating beautiful and functional websites and mobile applications while building with performance, scalability and future ideas in mind.

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Our experience and expertise

Aversa is run by Nick Denker and Bev Denker.

Nick has been working in the software industry since 1995 and founded one of the UK's most successful online IT retailers.


Bev has a legal and administrative background and has a vast experience working in both government and charity sectors.

App Experts
Past Work
  • Advertised Elsewhere

    Complete implementation from the ground up of a highly scalable cloud based advertising platform. All developed in .NET - web site in ASP.NET MVC, native apps in Xamarin. Worked with the customer from the idea stage.

    "Nick has a very professional and efficient manner - all my communication with him has been met with a speedy response. He has worked closely with me throughout the whole design process, offering good advice and suggestions and I have really appreciated and benefited from his vast knowledge in IT and web design. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Nick for anyone looking for a sound and reliable web solution" - Phil Shann


  • Hengar Direct

    Example of a site running on our QuickFox platform - which includes e-commerce, bookings, blogs and incident tracking. It enables us to easily create a fully functional site for you, but still allows us full control over functionality and custom features if you need them.

    www.hengardirect .co.uk


Projects We Undertake

Web Apps

Web Applications

A web application is basically anything beyond a static or fixed web site. From a blog, to online banking, these sites are classed as an application and are more complex, generally requiring databases and server code to function. Web applications are usually designed to run well on both desktop PCs as well as phones.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications

A mobile application or "App" is a program that runs on your mobile phone, installed from the App Store. They are very different from a web site designed for a mobile, and generally run quicker than a mobile site as well.

Windows Apps

Windows Applications

Although a web application is generally the preferred route these days, sometimes a Windows application is still the only way to achieve a fast and slick user experience, especially in an office environment. We will take you through the benefits and the pitfalls.


E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce is a familiar web application we all use regularly. At Aversa, we have vast experience of e-commerce and with our libraries of code we can jump start your online store, as well as bring your costs right down. We can also integrate to other selling platforms such as eBay and it may not be as expensive as you think!

Social Media

Social Media Sites

Social media doesn't have to be totally controlled by the big players. If you have a social media idea, or want a unique social media platform for your business, charity or organisation, get in touch and see what we can offer.


Anything else!

With 25 years of experience - there's a lot more we can do for you. If you're finding yourself in a technology minefield, we're happy to help you navigate it safely. We can bring your IT projects together and make sure that no-one else is taking you for an expensive ride!

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Web Sites & Apps
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